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"The record works perfectly as a modern, well-executed mainstream album, full of surprising twists and masterfully complex solos. It's not just a curiosity as a jazz interpretation of two doyens of Polish songs - it's simply great music, which does not necessarily have to be associated with the original compositions listed on the album."

Robert Ratajczak,

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After the adventure with film music, New Bone enters the theatre stage. 
The album "Jazzy Witkacy Theatre" ("Teatr Witkacego od-JAZZ-dowo") is the fruit of a long-term collaboration of musicians from Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane, which at the beginning of 2015 celebrated its 30th anniversary and at the same time the 130th birthday of Stanisław I. Witkiewicz. The ceremony featured New Bone band, presenting the material recorded especially for this occasion with music by Jerzy Chruściński. The album includes motives from such performances, as, among others, "What you Pretend Has Become Real", "Salem Witches", "Dr Faustus" and "Ball in the Opera" by the eminent composer of theatre music, arranged by the band in its characteristic atmosphere of contemporary jazz.

New Bone in Ukraine!

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